525,600 Minutes

How do you measure a year?
with thanks to the lyricist of Rent

525,600 minutes
525,600 moments so dear (even if forgotten due to sleep deprivation)
In daylight doctors rounds
In sunsets spent strolling
In midnight feedings
In cups of coffee

In inches: 5 lbs. 2 oz to 18 lbs. 14 oz.
In ounces: 43 cm to 76.2 cm
In laughter
In strife
How do you measure a year in the life of Charlotte?

How Do You Measure The Life of A Mom or a Dad?

In truths that we learned
Or in times that she cried
In burps that she warned
In hearts that she warmed

We do measure in love–the amazing love of a parent for a child. The overwhelming love that her community of friends and family and medical carers have shown for her.
And, above all, we measure in gratitude.

Lot’s of things are frustrating still. For instance, it was kind of depressing that she ate nothing on her birthday and could not have been less interested in the cupcake. But, as Charlotte’s pediatrician Dr. Salem said, the progress Charlotte and we made from 5/9/2005 to 5/9/2006 is immeasurable, inspiring and just the beginning.

You see, I started this blog as the tale of Charlotte’s journey to being a regular kid. Well, guess what? She is a regular kid. She’s just a regular kid with a tube in her belly. But that tube helps her be regular, helps her grow, helps her be on the growth chart (finally), and helps her get the nutrition she needs to develop normally. She’s pulling up, starting to cruise, babbling silly sounds. She likes to drink water from an open cup and eat salty, crunchy food (no doubt that she’s my kid!).She has this impish little grin that tells you she’s up to no good.

So, I’ll continue the blog as her life’s journey. We’ll have medical updates along the way, but mostly it’s all about being Charlotte, glorious, happy, precocious, silly, gorgeous Charlotte.

She’ll be walking, talking and defying before we know it. Run for the hills!!

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5 thoughts on “525,600 Minutes

  1. Brava, Charlotte, and your everloving Mommy and Daddy! You’re an amazing little person with charming spirit. Happy Birthday, little bug. We wish you many, many more beautiful and charmed years. John, Col, Grace, Mollie and your girlfriend, Ellie

  2. Happy birthday Charlotte! You’ve come a long way and you are very beautiful! Can’t wait to see you grow up over the next year. 🙂 With love, your P2P buddy, Darshani

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