Quick Update

This has been a rather hectic week for us, so I’ll keep this as brief as I can:

Occupational Therapy evaluation: We had our quarterly OT eval this week. Charlotte is still testing at her birth age (not adjusted for prematurity) so she still doesn’t need OT. We’ll continue to evaluate each quarter just to be sure.

Helmet: Charlotte is officially a STARband graduate! She no longer fits in her helmet (her noggin is 45 cm, in the 50th percentile) and is, therefore, done with the “evil beret.” Any ideas what I should do with it??

Cardiology: Charlotte saw Dr. Young today. Once again baby cried crazily during her echo so they couldn’t get a great read. Since all her other vitals seem to be steady, we’re scheduling a sedated echo and lung perfusion study for the end of July, to be followed by a clinic visit in August. No changes in medications.

Ear infections: We saw the pediatrician on Monday and the ear infections seem to be cleared up. We finished antibiotics today.

Eating: Basically, she’s not eating. Vomit volume is down, but frequency holds steady. We’re 100% transitioned to Pediasure (which insurance covers!). I’ll leave it at that.

Charlotte now weighs more than 18 pounds and is nearly 31″ long.

Did I mention that Charlotte is pulling up to standing on her own? She thinks it’s the neatest trick ever and does it whenever she can.

Well, we’re off to Belgium tomorrow so that Charlotte can meet her grandmother, aunt and the rest of her family.

1 thought on “Quick Update

  1. WTG Charlotte!! Sounds like you’ve had a busy busy week! I think the “evil beret” should be used as a nice flower planter… đŸ˜€ Or maybe added to a cabage patch (or similar) doll for Charlotte’s later enjoyment. Little girls love to play with dolls!That’s great you think standing is so neat….but can you sit back down? LOL That was my brother problem at that age…he could get up but would scream till someone sat him back down!Have a great trip!! Looking forward to picture when you get back!

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