Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

This is the face of a kid enjoying peach yogurt. Yeah, you read that correctly.

Charlotte continues to render me speechless. And if you know me, that’s hard to do. (Sorry, Hal and Sue, had to make the joke before you did!)

She didn’t eat well for breakfast and lunch. Took nothing in the morning, a few spoonfuls of food and about an ounce of formula at lunch. I ended up skipping her mid-afternoon feed because I couldn’t get to the tube without waking her (I tried three times). And since she’d scuttled her morning nap, I wanted her to sleep.

Well…I don’t know what she dreamt about, but when she woke up, she ate about 1 ounce, maybe more, of yogurt and a third of a bottle of corn-chicken-squash puree. To her friend Will she says, “Thanks for the inspiration, buddy!”

“I did it. I stood up all by myself.”

dictated by
Charlotte, translated by Mom (Originally, “Da Da pfffffttttttttt da da

5 thoughts on “Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

  1. WTG Charlotte!!!! I just loooovvveeee seeing your very messy face!And the standing…are you sure you’re mommy got that translation right? I read it to say “Now you wont be able to catch me! :D”

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