Wonder of Wonders & Ups ‘n Downs

Wonder of Wonders: Yesterday, Charlotte and I took a long walk. We ended up at Bobtail, a local coffee & ice cream shop. I succumbed to the root beer float and got a cup of water. Charlotte stared at the cup of water as if it were going to turn into a pretty bird. So, for giggles as Phil would say, I offered her a sip. And, she sipped. Yes, you read that correctly. Charlotte gleefully took about 10 sips of water from an open cup, getting soaked in the process. She’s sipped water from a cup, and formula, at every meal since then.
Today in physical therapy she actively pulled herself up to standing dozens of times. She’s really growing up.

Ups ‘n Downs: As far as Charlotte’s ear infections go: Yesterday was up. she napped beautifully and slept well through the night. She ate about one ounce at every meal, but we expect that she won’t eat when a) she’s congested and b) her little ears hurt. Today was down. She refused to take a nap this morning, whining and whimpering for some time. Finally, she slept from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm and never took an afternoon nap. She did finally eat something at dinner, just over 2 ounces. She fell asleep tonight around 6:30 pm but has just started fussing. I’m hoping she didn’t think she was going down for a nap. Fingers crossed.

So, we’re waiting for the ears to clear up to see if any of the changes we’ve made since CHOW will make a difference.

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