Another First

…double ear infections.

Last night was a mini-repeat of Sunday. Except, she eventually calmed herself and went to sleep. I didn’t realize until later that she had vomited and squirmed to the clean end of the crib. I changed her. She was so tired that she barely woke up.

Today, she was miserable on and off all day. We had to stop her OT evaluation midway because she cried and vomited hugely, then fell asleep in my lap. She attempted 3 naps, but slept less than 45 minutes each time. She woke up whimpering and crying. Poor little thing was so pathetic.

So, off we went to her 4 p.m. pediatrician appointment. She, of course, fell sound asleep in the stroller. The doctor took a hard-fought look in Charlotte’s ear and found double ear infections, pretty bad. It’s time for Charlotte’s first Amoxicillin. We’re also going to keep her on Motrin steadily for several days to help with her pain.

We also talked about Charlotte’s chronic congestion. Basically, congestion can exacerbate reflux and vice versa. Typically, our pediatric practice likes to avoid over-the-counter decongestants for the under-2 set because, according to the research and the docs’ experience, the drugs don’t work for this age group. But, we have to do something. Especially when she’s teething or has a cold, it’s really awful.

Then answer: Zyrtec. We picked up a one month supply. But, the pharmacist reminded me that our insurance doesn’t cover it. (I have to deal with this for myself because it’s the only allergy medicine I tolerate.) So, when we follow up next week we’ll get another option.

Anyway, the little kid has had her Motrin, Zyrtec and Amoxicillin and she’s upstairs sleeping. Finally. She’s snoring a bit. Whimpering every now and then. But, if she makes it past 9 p.m. I think we’ll be good for the night. I hope I’m not jinxing it.

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