Nights and Naps

Charlotte has graduated to “nights and naps”!! No more dirty looks from the mean daddy in the neighborhood playground! No more sympathetic smiles from well-meaning grandmothers or mouth-gaping stares from toddlers. Hmm… no more silly helmet pictures?!?!

(I’m not sure that Charlotte like the comparison to a bowling ball.)

Dr. Vicari was thrilled with Charlotte’s progress. In the two months since she started wearing the helmet, many of the asymmetry measures have moved to “within normal limits.” There are definitely still some improvements necessary–her ear offset is still visible to naked eye and some other numbers could stand to improve. Helmet-time is at our discretion, however, until she outgrows it. We can keep her in it 23 hours a day or move to nights and naps.

We’ll continue to go to our orthotist, Pat, every 2 weeks for fittings. When Pat tells us that Charlotte has outgrown the helmet, we’ll return to Dr. Vicari for another STARscan and, hopefully, discharge.

I certainly wish everything were this easy to fix.

p.s. At Dr. Vicari’s office I hooked up her tummy tube to feed her. She was halfway through the feed when I realized that the tube had popped out of her tummy. She was totally soaked. And not fed. What a disaster.

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