The Weather Report

Well, it’s been a week and Charlotte just keeps eating. Most of last week she averaged between 135-120 ml (out of 180 ml) at least twice a day. One day she ate only 80 ml of formula for dinner, but finished 2 ounces of bottle baby food and 1/4 cup of Mommy’s applesauce. She’s constantly reaching for my food! She hardly had any reflux (beyond burping) all week. Nothing short of amazing!

Over the weekend we backtracked a little for two reasons. First, we think tooth #5 is working its way in. Charlotte is getting congested again and it’s not a cold, so it’s most likely teething. She continually has her forefinger in her mouth, probing one spot. The congestion, as we know, can exacerbate the reflux. So, yesterday she ate about 30-50 ml per bottle. She had a major in-bed reflux incident (right as Meryl Streep and Lily Tomplin were giving Altman his lifetime award. Drats!). This morning she ate 50 ml and had a major reflux incident. (I managed to get her to the sink–go mom!!)

And then, and then…at noon I sat in a chair with Charlotte on my lap. Not her favorite feeding position due to the reflux, but she was practically eating her thumb, so I thought I’d try it. Charlotte ate 175 ml (yes, you read that right) in 20 minutes. She fell asleep eating which is not the best thing–means she’s working too hard. But, she ate the whole bottle! I cried and called Philippe and cried some more.

She’s upstairs now, napping. I’m hoping she just stays asleep for her afternoon nap because her morning nap wasn’t so hot.

She ate a whole bottle–the first one since before December 20th.

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