GI Update

We saw Charlotte’s GI doc, Dr. Sentongo, today. She weighed in at 16 lbs. If the scales from doc to doc are pretty even, that’s up 3 oz. from her 9 month check up at the pediatrician last week. She definitely looks like she’s gained some weight–her little cheeks are getting chubby.

We discussed at length our feeding routine (3 meals a day, always offering solids, I start pump about 20 mins. into meal and then lower dose as/if she takes formula; night feeds to catch up). He recommended that we do bolus night feeds for her b/c a) she seems to vomit more often with continuous and b) he wants her stomach to stretch/grow.

Other than that he was happy. He’s getting her info together to send to the Feeding Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHOW). He seemed concerned that they won’t make the appt. til they have the records, so I think he’ll have superRN Annie get right on it.

We also met with his dietician. She told me–revelation–that we can try to get our formula (NeoSure or Enfacare) covered by insurance. We’re going to work on that ASAP! That stuff is pretty expensive. Apparently since it is specially formulated for preemies and she gets it via G-tube, it might be coverable.

And, I left with a prescription for the Zevex Infinity pump. It is much smaller than the pump we have. I’ve heard it’s easier to use and more reliable. Apparently, if I invest in a larger version of my fabulous Skip*Hop diaper bag, the pump might fit in the bag. I can’t wait to get that going and improve our quality of life.

Next GI appt. will depend on when we get scheduled with CHOW.

2 thoughts on “GI Update

  1. Hey Ilene!Great news on the Sippee (or shoud we say, Yippee!) cup! Couldn’t help but chuckle that the Feeding Clinic abbreviation is “CHOW” – pretty ironic, don’t cha’ think? Happy Thoughts.

  2. That’s great you got the script for the Infinity!! I hope your HH has it and ins covers it!As for the formula…Jacob was on NeoSure from birth-11 months and from G-tube on it was covered by our insurance. Though we did have to hunt around for a company to provide it in the 1qt bottles.Trish ~~C n Js Mommy~~ (P2P)

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