Sippee Cup!!!!!

Baby steps on the reflux front.

Over the weekend Charlotte showed off for my mother and took a sip or two from her sippee cup. She hasn’t done it again, but it was great.

(This is what’s known, Tracy & Lisa, as a “schmutzy punim.”)

And, just yesterday Charlotte finally started really eating and munching on her Gerber “stars,” little meltable solids kind of like Cheerios. She lunges for them like I lunge for Cheetos. It’s amazing to watch. She’ll refuse her bottle, push the spoon away from her mouth and grab the stars.

And, yesterday she also grasped, literally, the little “dipping stick” spoon-thing that our Speech Therapist gave us to try. She fed herself several bites of lentils before allowing me to feed her an entire 1/2 bottle of them!!!

And today? Well, she ate tons of stars (it takes 80 stars to make 25 calories, unfortunately.)

So, the bad news is it still sucks to feed her. The good news is, we’re not dealing with complete oral aversions.

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