Daddy’s Little Valentine & 9 month check up

Just a little valentine to Daddy.

9 month check up:
Weight: 15 lbs. 13 oz.
Height: 27.75 inches

Other milestones: Charlotte woke up with tooth #3 yesterday. Yep, she simply woke up with a new tooth. That may explain some of her vomiting and utzy sleeping over the weekend. We noticed today that tooth #4 is on its way in as well, more slowly and more painfully than the others.

She also has her first icky, drippy cold. What fun.

Dr. Ramadan was quite satisfied to see Charlotte’s weight plotting just above the 5th percentile on the growth chart. Her height is around the 50th percentile.

Mainly, our pediatricians want to see steady growth somewhere on the growth chart. They are not as focused on a specific number. Dr. Ramadan was delighted by Charlotte’s progress though she seemed a bit concerned that baby isn’t yet sitting on her own yet. She noted the same tight hamstrings that our PT is working on.

On the other hand, the dietician at our GI doc’s office declared this week that Charlotte has “acute mild malnutrition.” This seemingly oxymoronic term (we thought it was a typo) is a real term. I’m still trying to understand what that means. The GI doc and dietician would like to see Charlotte closer to her “ideal” weight for height.

I tend to side with the pediatricians. Dr. Ramadan pointed out to me today that her colleague Dr. Chang’s daughter was at the 3rd percentile her “entire life.” Not surprising since her mom is a tiny, slight woman. It’s in her genes. On her maternal side, Charlotte has long, thin genes. I don’t expect her to ever be a butterball, but apparently the GI folks do. So… I’ll discuss this at length with Dr. Sentongo at our GI follow-up next week and then we’ll see what they say at the Feeding clinic.

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