Another Day, Another Doctor and Your Questions Answered

Before you call Family Services, the first thing I did this morning was change the sheet!!

Another Day, Another Doctor’s Office
Our insurance company gave the final approval for Charlotte’s helmet last week. Something that is 100% covered and does not need pre-authorization took almost 4 weeks to be “pre-determined,” whatever that means. Since it took so long, the plastic surgeon and orthotist wanted to re-measure Charlotte’s noggin. So, we trekked out to Glenbrook to have Charlotte measured by the STARscanner.

I don’t remember if I explained this earlier or not–the STARscanner takes a digital scan of her scull; the whole “procedure” takes all of 45 seconds. The old-fashioned measurement required a CT-scan, which for a little squirmy one would mean sedation. Unfortunately, the STARscan is so new that it’s not covered by insurance. I plan to submit it anyway–I figure that if they have approved the helmet made from the measurements of the procedure, they ought to approve the procedure.

Anyway, here’s Charlotte in the little stocking cap she had to wear for the scan. And, a picture of the scan. (Definitely right click on the scan to see it larger. It’s pretty wow.)

Measurements showed a slight improvement. I could have waited another month to remeasure and decide, but I’d rather get it over with as Philippe and I believe it is inevitable. Also, the later you put it on, the lesser the results.

We’ll get the helmet on 1/19. We’ll ease our way into wearing it 23 hours a day. She’ll have weekly fittings for a month and then spaced out after that.
Hopefully, it will be off by her birthday and we can put this horrible moment behind us.

By the way, the most difficult thing I’ve had to do as a parent? Choose the pattern and color for her helmet–they come in very fashionable designs these days!

Your Questions and Comments Answered

CAVEAT: Every comment that you have made has been made by others and every question has been asked more than once. That’s why I’m responding. NONE OF MY ANSWERS ARE DIRECTED AT ANY INDIVIDUAL READER. THAT MEANS: THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU. Get it? Good.

And, there are no stupid questions or comments. Really.

In no particular order:
–Charlotte is hungry. When she refuses the bottle she is putting any and everything else, including her entire hand in her mouth. She doesn’t want the bottle
–We’re definitely working on transitioning a sippy cup, but when she won’t let me put anything in her mouth, she won’t even take that
–Nobody knows why she’s suddenly refusing the bottle. It’s a mystery to her medical team
–The helmet will be on for about 4 months or until she outgrows it
–Refusing the bottle probably has nothing to do with whether she likes the taste of the formula. When she eats, she eats it just fine
–Of course I’m going to get past my self-consciousness and do what’s right for my child. We decided that immediately when her head was measured in December. I really was just using the blog to vent. Thanks for your tough love.
–On the other hand, every mother with a helmet-ed kid that I’ve talked to (at least 4) have said that yes people do make comments, they do stare (especially in church, go figure) and they do ask insensitive questions. When I say “people” I’m not talking about you, Team Charlotte, but about passersby (or is that passerbys?)
–Refusing the bottle doesn’t seem to be teething-related; it’s been going on for too long. A day or two or three would be teething. +3 weeks is something else
–Yes, Charlotte is the cutest, easiest baby I’ve ever seen (no insult to all of your kids, really. I’ve never lived with them and I’m sure they’re adorable, too)
–She’s rolling over, sitting when propped, blowing raspberries, reaching for toys, and laughing. She’s also begun shaking her head “no” (especially when there is a bottle nearby!)
–She sleeps on her tummy since last week (she gets there herself)
–Yesterday was a completely average day, nothing extraordinary

Today, on the other hand, was extraordinary. Many thanks to Amy and Beth K. for watching baby this afternoon and evening. And thanks to Samantha for having a 10 pm pizza with me and keeping me company during the last feed!

And, may I be the first to wish Charlotte’s Fairy Godmother a Happy Birthday!!!

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