The Feeding Front

Charlotte continues, seemingly, to lose ground on the eating front. She took only 1-2 ounces from each of 3 6-ounce bottles today. Just a few weeks ago she was finishing at least one bottle a day and taking 4 to 5 ounces from the others. Since yesterday she’s been refusing or gagging on her solid food, too. She even pushes away old favorites like peas, carrots and bananas. I’m terribly afraid that if we don’t stem this tide quickly she’ll become 100% tube-dependent and, from everything I’ve read, it can take years to come back from that. Laura, her Feeding Therapist, is going to call the GI doc tomorrow and we’ll taking it from there.

1 thought on “The Feeding Front

  1. C’mon, Charlotte…….you have no idea the amazing Jewish foods headed your way once you grown and really start eating well! Latkes and bagles and kugel!I hope things improve, Ilene…..I am sending hungry vibes Charlotte’s way.Love,Eve

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