Starting the Year Off Miraculously or We love Ballin Pharmacy

Just after I posted the 12/31 note, I panicked–I had ordered a refill of Charlotte’s digoxin on Wednesday and forgot to pick it up. We use a neighborhood pharmacy (“your corner pharmacy in the middle of the block”) and they are closed on Sundays. I assumed they would be closed on Monday as well in observance of New Year’s. We only had enough digoxin for one dose. Complete panic–woke Philippe up at 1:30 a.m., as if there were anything he could do about it at that moment.

On Sunday morning I went into problem-solving mode. I called the other pharmacy that has the prescription, but they didn’t have the medication in stock (it’s a special elixir or liquid form of the drug). I spoke with the cardiologist on call at Children’s. She would have been happy to call it in somewhere, but I would have to find a pharmacy that had it in stock. But, she told me it was okay for Charlotte to miss it for a day or so. Phew. We decided to wait and see if our pharmacy, Ballin, was open on Monday.

So, I took Charlotte to Starbucks (her favorite place to eat, when she’s eating) and Philippe went to do some errands. He planned to stop past Ballin to see if they were open on 1/2.

A bit later, Philippe walked into Starbucks and handed me a bag from Ballin with the prescription. Remember, now, it’s a Sunday (they’re closed on Sunday) and it’s New Year’s Day. What?!! It turns out that Bill, the pharmacist, was going into the store to do some paperwork just as Philippe was checking the hours on the door. Philippe explained the problem. Bill got the prescription and wished us a Happy New Year.

Did I burst into tears when Philippe explained this to me? You bet I did.

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