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Coordinating with Eeyore!
Charlotte was giggling like crazy in between photos, but I just couldn’t get her to smile for the camera.

Making New Friends
On December 24th we went to Milwaukee to visit Tracy, Jared, Mhari and Ava. They gave Charlotte this adorable purple elephant. She loves it! (Mhari, age 5, and Ava, age almost 3, are avid blog readers.)

Happy Hanukah!
Wearing the same bib her cousins Julie and Jamie wore, Charlotte watches the first candle of her first Hanukah get lit. Then she helped us to unwrap gifts–she ate the paper :).

Hard at Work
My favorite days are Fridays. We start our morning with Sara, Charlotte’s physical therapist. Charlotte works hard with Sara. Some days she loves it and giggle much of the time. Some days she screams and screams. My job is, as always, “distraction action,” doing anything I can to stem the crying.

In the afternoon Laura, Charlotte’s Feeding Therapist (a specialty within Speech therapy) comes to help us sort through the eating challenges. She came today because I’m at the end of my rope with Charlotte’s recently acquired distaste for eating. She’s been refusing the bottle vehemently for several days. She did get Charlotte to eat, despite the hissy fit “little miss tiny ‘tude” pitched. Baby ate, then fell asleep on Laura’s shoulder. (Laura is only pretending to sleep.)

We’re so lucky to have such wonderful professionals helping us learn how to better take care of our kiddo.

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  1. My guess is that she knows the flash is coming when she sees the camera and she doesn’t like it!

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