Steady Growth

Yesterday’s weight check: 13lbs. 13oz. That’s 6 oz. in 12 days–exactly 0.5 ounces a day which is the doctors’ goal. The crazy weight gain of 1 oz/day seems to have slowed down and was probably just “catch up”growth. To be sure, however, we’ll go for another weight check next week. I’m really hoping that’s the last weight check. She has to visit the pediatrician’s office monthly for her Synagis shot so I pray that her monthly visit can also be her weight check.

We’re still going around and around with the insurance about the helmet. It is covered, but requires “pre-determination,” whatever that means. The doctor’s insurance specialist is working with BCBS to get them the information they need. Seems to be complicated though it is clear that the helmet is covered. Keep your fingers crossed.

Little angel seems a bit off today, maybe because of her flu shot yesterday. She didn’t nap all afternoon. She’s now upstairs sleeping so I’m off to continue the housework.

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