All I Want for Hanukah….

All Charlotte wants for Hanukah is her two front teeth. And, look, she’s got them!

Thanks to everyone for your outpouring of support. Your phone calls and emails and tough love mean a lot to me.

We’ve decided to go ahead with the cranial remolding band (the official insurance terminology). Charlotte is already gorgeous, this can only make her even prettier (like that’s possible!)

And, since it is the season of miracles, it looks like our insurance will cover it 100%, as durable medical equipment. Go figure. We just need all the preauthorization to happen.

The STARscanner means that Charlotte does not have to be molded for the helmet. All of the measurements were taken yesterday by the scan photo. Once we have preauthorization, it should be about 10 days until we have the helmet. (I’m trying really hard not to call it the “hell-met” or “that wretched thing.” Bear with me.) While Dr. Vicari’s clinic is in Glenview, the craniofacial main clinic is at Children’s downtown. This is good new for me–Charlotte will need to be refitted weekly or biweekly and this way I won’t have to drive the highway to do it.

By the way, if you’re wondering…yes, Charlotte’s eyes are light-colored. Some days they look gray-green. Sometimes they look blue. We think she gets them from Philippe’s mom.

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