7 Months Old Today

Charlotte is 7 months old today. She had a great day, playing with her physical therapist, Sara, and visiting with her Feeding Therapist, Laura. Here’s a picture of Charlotte hard at work with Sara. (I’m cheating–this picture is about 3 weeks old.)

Her official weight, as of yesterday, is 13 lbs.. 7 oz.! She has gained 8 ounces since her last weight check on November 30. That’s basically an ounce a day. As she grows, we have to feed her more and more. So the challenge continues.

To put this all in perspective: when Charlotte first visited the pediatrician in late June, she weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz. Back then we were urging her to finish bottles of 60 ml (2 ounces) and it was cause for celebration when she did that. Her goal for each day was 350 ml. Today, her bottles are 180 ml (5.5 ounces)and our daily total is meant to be 785 ml. As I said to her Feeding/Speech Therapist today, it seems like every time Charlotte is about to get cross the finish line, the line is moved. I’m hoping that her caloric requirements will plateau soon.

And, baby Charlotte loves her peas. She finished all her peas and cereal this afternoon and then, 30 minutes later, finished a whole bottle. No wonder she went to bed without a peep at 7:15!

New pictures soon, I promise. In the meantime, here’s our little family, taken over Thanksgiving weekend. We’re so glamorous!

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