Grow, Charlotte Grow

Our little bruiser weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs. 15 oz. today. If you’re not memorizing her weekly weights like we are, that’s 9 oz. more than last Wednesday. Our doctors hope for 0.5 oz. gain per day. This is more than 1 oz.!! Since her lungs sound clear, we think it’s all good news. We’ll have a weight check next Thursday to confirm the trend and its safety. Then we will taper off a bit.

We had the Hollister dressing changed on her tube yesterday. It’s pretty simple to do and, in theory, I should do the next changes at home. In practice, I really can’t look at the tube coming out of her belly and the dressing freaks me out a bit. So, I’ll probably wimp out and go every week to the surgical nurse.

If anyone is interested in what the G-tube looks like, I’m happy to send a photo. It’s really not gross or graphic, but since I have a hard time with it, I’m not sure it’s appropriate for public consumption. On the other hand, maybe it disturbs me because it’s my little baby’s belly and I’m close. Perhaps a photo isn’t so bad. Let me know–if enough of you want to see it, I’ll post it.

And, as much as I hate the thing, Charlotte is growing. Yippee!

3 thoughts on “Grow, Charlotte Grow

  1. I want to see it! Glad to see little Charlotte is doing well and getting cuter everyday. Is that even possible? I’m so bummed out that everyone else was sick when we were supposed to see you guys. Cheers.Jared

  2. IleneYou may not remember me but my name is Andre Birotte and we graduated high school together. I clicked on this link in the alumni news and was so moved by your blog, I felt compelled to say hello, wish you and your family Happy Holidays, continued blessings and good wishes for nothing but healthy happy times for madame Charlotte. take careAndre

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