Charlotte is 6 Months Old Today

Charlotte is 6 months old today. How time flies, even when it seems to drag on and on.

Her circumstances have made the last 6 months more trying than I ever imagined motherhood would be. I feel that I’ve let her down in so many ways; that I’ve not been the partner Philippe deserves; and that I’ve offended many of you when I’ve asked you to step back for a day or two.

On the other hand, Charlotte has developed into the easiest (personality-wise), happiest kid I know. She giggles constantly, loves to dance (especially to Sinatra and meringue, go figure), and makes goofy, cartoon-like faces. She can even raise one eyebrow—I suppose she needs that skill to react properly to her wacky parents.

I hope we get past this medical crap soon so that we can enjoy being a family.

Check this entry over the next few days—as I get time, I hope to post some then/now photos of our little silly girl.

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