Today’s report:
10lbs 14oz (yipee!)

24 in. (2 whole feet. wow!)

Reaching for her toys. (Her gal pal Eve took this photo. Thanks, Evie!)

All around adorable.
(Practicing Cobbler’s Pose with Mommy)

We had a great check up at the pediatrician today-Dr. Salem is thrilled with Charlotte’s growth and progress. So are we. We’re still waiting for the state’s “central billing office” to process Charlotte’s paperwork so we can begin PT and OT, but the torticollis appears (to us) to have improved. Dr. Salem said that it looked to her that the flat head has improved as well. Next pediatrician appointment isn’t until 10/5 because 1) Charlotte is doing so well 2) We’ll be out of town for the next 2 weeks and 3) Charlotte will be at Children’s Memorial overnight on 9/26 (at least) for her cath procedure.

Yes, dear PICU RN friends, Charlotte will be at CMH 9/26 overnight. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest schedule request form 🙂 We’re not looking forward to being in the hospital, to general anesthesia, etc., but we are looking forward to seeing our friends and showing off your handiwork, our thriving baby girl.

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