Baby Weight Watching

Charlotte topped out at 9 lbs 15 oz. today. And, she grew 1/4 inch to 23.25 inches. Long skinny thing she is.

The pediatrician was happy with her weight gain, but would like to see her exceed 0.5 oz/day so that she can begin “catch up” growth. Now, we cannot even get her to take all of her food orally yet, so how are we going to get her to eat even more?! Especially since everyone agrees that we should no longer feed via NG tube when she’s asleep and hasn’t declared that she’s hungry? And since she doesn’t always tells us she’s hungry? (Seriously, I can’t imagine that she wasn’t starving when she slept for 7 hours last night). I decided not to rant–instead I’m going to take it up with Dr. Ramadan, one of the other partners, at next week’s weigh in.

Other tidbits–the pediatricians want us to get a GI consult, just to be sure that everything is good with her gastrointestinal system. Also, they recommend an ultrasound of her hips–even though the physical exam is fine, babies with Torticollis and babies who are suspected of having been constricted in utero can have dysplastic hips (not fully developed).

So…it’s off to Children’s Memorial Hospital I go for more doctors’ appointments, more consults, etc. Fingers crossed that these are just precautionary measures and that they don’t find anything wrong.

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