Keeping Things in Perspective

Capturing our silliness (delirium?) for posterity:

(We apologize if you don’t laugh as hard as we do. Maybe these are funny only in situ, or maybe we’re losing our minds. You vote!)

**We call this photo “State of the Art Baby Sleep Positioner.” Charlotte’s head is supposed to be on the pillow!

**Getting ready to get Charlotte to an 8 a.m. doctor’s appointment, Philippe called out to me, “I’ll take care of the drugs” (meaning getting meds ready to take with us). I responded, “Okay. I’ll get the food, you get the drugs and we’ll be an administration.”

**When Charlotte gets really, really hungry, she attempts to chew her entire hand, enthusiastically shoving her fist in her mouth. To get her to move her hand so that I can get the bottle in, I have to constantly remind her, “Charlotte, you’re still a vegetarian. You can’t eat your hand (no teeth), so move it over for your bottle.”

**Giving Charlotte her Viagra, we make sure to remind her that if she gets an erection that lasts more than 4 hours, she must seek immediate medical attention.

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