Reflux & Gas–Normal Baby Milestones??

On Thursday (I think), we changed Charlotte’s Reglan medication from 4xday to 3xday, mostly to make it conform to the rest of our medication schedule. Reglan effects the motility of Charlotte’s intestines and keeps the food moving in the correct direction. It is supposed to help prevent reflux.

Since then, little Charlotte has had two major and one minor reflux episodes. Given that she is not an “urper” normally, I was getting worried so I paged the pediatrician on call. Dr. Chang called me back almost immediately. We discussed the quantity of food that the nutritionist wants us to get into the baby every day, the change in medication, and the change in Charlotte’s eating/keeping down behavior. I realized that it’s also gotten more difficult to get a good burp out her since we changed the meds schedule. She’s also had some really fussy hours that seem tummy/gas related.

Dr. Chang suggested that we change the Reglan back to the old schedule and dose and see if there’s a difference.

But, she noted that most 12-16 week olds tend to have more reflux and more gas than they did earlier in their little lives. So…it may turn out that this is another normal milestone 🙂

Silly us, we just keep misreading the signs because we don’t know what milemarkers to use!

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