Normal 8 week old :)

I’ve wanted to write a new update all week because we had a number of milestones to report, but now that Charlotte is home, it’s hard to get to the computer. Surprise, surprise.

The quick skinny (with deference to my brother who called my previous post “spam” ):

7/4: Charlotte was rather fussy all weekend. After increasing the amount of food she was getting and not quelling her irritability, we took her to urgent care at the hospital on July 4th. Our visit with her nurse Julie ended with two conclusions: 1) she had a bit fluid on her lungs AND 2) she’s a normal 8 week old, being a bit fussy. Normal! Yipee!!

Regular CV surgery follow up showed clear lungs (extra doses of lasix seems to be working.
Weight gain up to 3.77K (just around 8 lbs.)
Charlotte graduated to half Portagen/half breast milk and to eating on demand, taking as much orally as possible.

Feeding orally seems to be going well. Charlotte is beginning to tell us when she’s hungry. Unfortunately, she seems to tire out after about half of her feed (~1 ounce). She falls asleep and then wants more in 45 minutes. So, if we don’t chase her oral feed with the NG tube, we end up feeding her every 30-45 minutes. We’re trying to find a balance in order to get her to 100% oral feeds.

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