Later That Day

Phew. Today was a good day. We visited Charlotte for a little while this morning, as I think I wrote earlier. She was calm, peaceful and had been so since just around when I talked to her nurse at 1 a.m. We left her in the calm, capable hands of nurse Eileen. Then we skedaddled because we all decided that too much stimulation would jinx it. We returned around 4 pm to find that the little darlin’ had been asleep almost al day. Her blood gasses were quite good, slowly decreasing all day. The last one I saw, around 7 p.m., was under 50 which is within normal range. And, her respiration rate hovered in the 25-40 range all day, also normal.

We heard that she fussed a little around 1:30 p.m., but who wouldn’t fuss when there’s been no food in +12 hours? When her feeds started again, and she’d had another good cuddle and swaddle (courtesy of Nurse Sheri, the self-proclaimed “baby whisperer”) she settled right down.

Thanks to all of you for your emails and calls in the past few days. It means so much to us and Charlotte is lucky to be so loved by all of you.

Fingers and toes crossed that tonight is a good one and that maybe, just maybe, we’ve crossed a bridge of some sort here.

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